The art & science of intentional relaxation...

Based on my 20 years of studying mindfulness, movement, and the patterns of nature, I create a harmonizing practice especially for you. (Warning…you might never go back to a group class again!)

I am currently on break from teaching public weekly classes. I continue to offer my Restorative Yoga, Trauma Informed Yoga, and Self-Care Retreats annually and upon request.

Learn my favorite self-care rituals, practices inspired by my own healing through Ayurveda and mindfulness. Invest in your self…YOU are worth it!


"Sara is an exceptionally skilled teacher, and her ability to foster a deep and complete state of relaxation is truly something wonderful. She helped me to let go of some long held stress, and I felt a great sense of peace for days after working with her." Mitch

"I love your retreats! Their effects last long after the day and feel especially grounding in these tumultuous times. I really appreciate all the extra things you do to make people feel comfortable! Thank you for all you do to bring greater peace in the world." Melissa

"I loved the way you taught awareness, so specific, sensual, and embodied. The yoga philosophy is experienced in the feeling center rather than thought about in the mind. Rare and lovely and obviously coming from a true practitioner." Elizabeth

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