How can therapeutic yoga help you create a more vibrant & joyous life?

I love working with students who are ready to create real change in their lives through the cultivation of body-mind-breath awareness. Yoga is a transformational practice that is helpful at any stage of life. Whether you are navigating an illness, a transition, or experiencing overwhelm or exhaustion, I can help you create more balance and wellness in your life. 

I've been studying these ancient tools for almost 20 years and spiritual ritual is woven into almost every aspect of my life. 

Therapeutic yoga is a deep well of support as you transform challenges in your life into opportunities and develop a deeper relationship to Self. My sessions align you to your own body's natural inclination towards wellness and teach you the intentional art and science of relaxation. 

I have over 500 hours in yoga teacher trainings (Therapeutic, Restorative, Trauma Informed, and Anusara® ). I also study mindfulness and Body-Mind Centering and incorporate these elements into my own practice and yoga classes.  My practice is alignment based and its foundation is connecting with the 5 elements (earth, water, fire, air, space) in the natural world and within each person. 

  • 200 Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher

  • Licensed Anusara Elements™ Yoga Teacher

  • Certified in Restorative Therapeutic Yoga

  • Certified in Trauma Informed Yoga

  • Certified in Chakra Energy Healing

  • Reiki Practitioner Level 1

Made Of Clay ~ Radio Interview

Featured in the New York Times. 




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"Sara is an exceptionally skilled teacher, and her ability to foster a deep and complete state of relaxation is truly something wonderful. She helped me to let go of some long held stress, and I felt a great sense of peace for days after working with her." Mitch

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