Finding Beauty in the New Year

What beauty is awaiting you in this New Year? Where in your body do you experience it and how can you be more open to its grace in your life? 

On New Year's Day, Farmer Melissa showed me how to brush and harness the draft horses at the Finger Lakes Cider House. My senses delighted in the smell of hay and the warmth of the animals. She hooked up the sleigh and took us on a tour of the orchard. The steam was rising from the horses backs' and drew our attention to the sky where we saw a Bald Eagle flying across the farm.  It was just a brief sighting, but in that instant our hearts melded with the freedom of its flight. An auspicious sighting for New Year's Day! For me, the return of the Bald Eagle (once nearly extinct due to the use of DDT) is a marker of the success of the environmental movement. Because of the dedication of  Rachel Carson and other lovers of the natural world, the course of our ecological history was changed. The Bald Eagle and its return to our landscape is a true symbol to live by for the coming years!
Whenever I experience a heartfelt communion with a physical expression of LIFE - plant, animal, or human - I feel the most connected. Communion with Nature is essential at this time. Our Yoga practice facilitates this communion by relaxing us, opening us up, and bringing us into the spirit of breath. Yoga helps us set aside our fears and worries which keep us from from dissolving into the present moment and connecting with the BEAUTY that awaits us.

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.”  - 
Vincent Van Gogh

In this time of new beginnings, set aside some time to facilitate this communion with nature.  Let the beauty in through your senses bathe in our beloved waters, sip a cup of tea as you watch the birds outside your window, or bundle up to take a walk in nature. I'm teaching several special workshops in the coming months that are here to support you in this practice shall you desire! More information below. 

Happy New Year!