Layers of Rhythm...Breath.Pulse.Drum...


Have you ever noticed that when you put your head underwater in the bathtub it's easier to hear your own heartbeat? When we practice slowing down and LISTENING, we are able to tune into deeper rhythms and the complex ways they overlap and interact. Rhythms in our body. Of the Seasons. Cycles of the moon and  planets. Ups and downs. Phases of conflict and growth. 

Enter in the drumbeat..
.I've gained profound awareness through meditating to the rhythmic sound of AnneSierigk playing her Shamanic drum. I'm so thankful she's joining me for my first Restorative Yoga Mini~Retreat! Anne shares this quote. 

 "A drum is a voice, alive and feeling as with any voice. When it speaks then we must listen and honor the message with our best and noblest selves, for it is a voice with great power and it is a voice that is a gift to us from a greater being. If we do this, then our lives will be full and happy." - Louis W. Ballard Quapcew Cherokee

In the presence of the drum, some people see visual symbols that give them profound insight into their lives. Others get drawn into a deep state of relaxation or meditation. When I hear the drum it opens me to a deep somatic and sensory experience of my own aliveness and I sometimes receive messages about my own healing. Each person has their own unique experience and I am curious what the drum will do for you?