Seed of the Heart ~ What do Spring & Restorative Yoga have in common?

Have you ever noticed the difference between the action of working hard to create something and the process of allowing something to just emerge?  The latter is like a beautiful doodle unfurling itself from your pen with out much thought or effort. Or a conversation that meanders smoothly like water, so that at the end both participants feel quenched and satisfied. Spring is like that….we just get to enjoy the process as it appears. We don’t have to do anything or work to make the beauty…it just happens. All we have to do is step into the flow.

Where do you notice this pattern in your life?  For me, Restorative Yoga beautifully expresses this process of unfolding. Instead of heating a muscle and actively stretching it, we support the body with props and work with the breath and mind so that the muscle softens on it’s own. I feel its grace in my own body and see the almost magical impact it has on my students. Earlier this spring I completed a Restorative Therapeutics Teacher Training and everything just feels so right about it. I am so happy to have begun offering PRIVATE RESTORATIVE SESSIONS with this work.

The essence of allowing also manifests in relationships. Over the past three years I’ve had the pleasure of receiving Acupuncture treatments from Abby Richardson. From our easeful patient/doctor dialogue (and our nerdy passion for the vagus nerve), an interest in collaborating has emerged. We will be offering a RESTORATIVE YOGA WITH ACUPUNCTURE class on Wednesday May 24th at Rasa Spa (Needle-free treatment available). Join us for this unique opportunity to ease the transition from Spring into Summer. I'm also offering a Memorial Day Morning Restorative class at Rasa Spa - link below!

And while we are on the topic of "new & good" - full disclosure -  I never owned a pair of adult sneakers until a year ago! I've always been active (hiking, biking, paddling) but shied away from anything that involved exercise gear. Working with my inspiring personal trainer Kathy Lucas, has moved exercise from my “to do list” into my self-care toolkit. Check out her all levels SPRING GORGE CIRCUIT TRAINING for a fun way to increase your strength, stamina, and agility. 

Many thanks to these two amazing women! And many thanks to all of you -  whether you are a supportive friend, someone who has attended a Farmscape Yoga workshop, or you come regularly to my weekly class. You all help me to let in and share the light!