Color Synergy Meditation

“Why is the world so beautiful?”

My admiration for the colors of this season grows every day.  We have been taking long hikes in the National Forest and I feel like our time spent outdoors is like color therapy. The colors are so synergistic and pleasing to my eye. And as I walk over the fallen leaves of a tree, it’s like walking over a field of color and I’m reminded of my love of Mark Rothko paintings. What artist do you love that seems to captures the magic of color?

I am so thankful for the work of Robin Wall Kimmerer for helping me to more fully understand and appreciate the beauty unfolding around me. In nature we find examples of aligned collaboration that are both beautiful and fruitful. These metaphors can provide inspiration for our yoga practice as we begin to more deeply understand our lived experience of the present moment. In Ayurveda (the sister science of Yoga) everything that we come into contact with has to be “digested”. Every sound, all media, each conversation…everything has to get processes.

As a botanist and member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, Robin asks this very important question. “Why is the world so beautiful?


From her book Braiding Sweetgrass:

The fields are embroidered with drifts of golden yellow and pools of deepest purple...As it turns out goldenrod and asters appear very similarly to bee eyes and human eyes. We both think they are beautiful...Their striking contrast when they grow together makes them the most attractive target in the whole meadow, a beacon for bees. Growing together, both receive more pollinator  visits than they would if they were growing alone. 

It is a beautiful phenomenon simultaneously material and spiritual...take a few minutes to pause and be with the color. You can practice outside in nature or inside using your imagination.

  • Choose a comfortable spot where you can be undisturbed for a few minutes.

  • Notice a pleasing color around you or bring into your minds eye one of your favorite colors - a particular flower, a gorgeous sunset, etc.

  • Pretend to drink in the color. Draw it inward. Assimilate it. Let it fill your body. Like you were painting the inside of your body with this beautiful color.

  • Notice how you feel. Does the color seem to want to stay in a certain part of you body? Maybe above your brow or in the center of you heart? Or does it move around or want to shift color? Try a different color now or at a later time and observe if it feels similar or different.