The gift of consumables & my family keeps the holidays simple

For over a decade, the guideline for gift giving in my family has been CONSUMABLES. So if you can't eat it, drink it, or use it up with in a year, it's likely not getting underneath the tree. I will say that good wool socks do fall into this category because there is officially a sock monster that eats and hides socks.

So each year, instead of leaving with armloads of things (that I may or not need) to fill my house, I leave with edibles and delectables. It's like in Little House On the Prairie when the fresh orange in the stocking is such a rare treat that it gets eaten with the reverence of a gem. And yes I truly did get oranges in my stocking growing up.

Soulful simplicity.JPG

Of course, more lasting objects are appreciated when needed or when they connect us to the heart of our intention. Like the new book that keeps me company for those winter quiet days before work and school start back up. Or the special yoga prop that facilitates our deepening practice.

I’ve been getting inspired to declutter….my office, my closet, my thoughts with Soulful Simplicity by Courtney Carver. So much inspiration tucked inside this little book.

In the spirit of simplicity, and our attunement to the environment, our health, and the quest for more connection, not more things, I invite you to consider the Consumable Guideline. See how this boundary creates more freedom in joy in your lived experience! You can just start small by making a deal with one loved one…or propose it to your entire family and see where it goes!