On the Wings of Snow Geese

Snow Geese.jpg

Have you seen any flocks of snow geese this year!? When these feathers washed ashore it felt like a moment of inter-species connection between me and these strong and elegant creatures.

Always inspired by migratory birds, I too find it crucial to seek out nourishment and inspiration through travel. To deepen my restorative yoga and embodiment practice, I've recently migrated to take a few trainings. I am excited to share this work with you this spring!

  • SPRING RESTORATIVE SERIES - Deepen your relationship to ground and breath for relaxation and healing. 4 Tuesday evenings beginning 4/10 at The Hidden Door in Tburg. More info and registration here
  • MORNING CLASS - This spring (beginning 4/4) I will be focusing on the organs and how they can support us in the embodiment of our asana.  Gentle practice practice for building awareness and connection between the body-mind. Every Wednesday 8:05am at Lakshmi Living Arts. 
  • GENTLE ENERGY WORK - I've been training in the subtle body and am really enjoying the sweet heartfelt energy of Reiki. This gentle healing practice can be woven into any private session with me. 

Happy Vernal Equinox to you!