Summer Pause Button for Summer Fatigue

 Image Description : A woman is laying on her back in a restorative yoga pose in the middle of a field. Her legs and head are supported by yoga blankets. 

Image Description : A woman is laying on her back in a restorative yoga pose in the middle of a field. Her legs and head are supported by yoga blankets. 

Recently I’ve had several clients share with me how tired they are.

Here in the Northeast we are enjoying our narrow window of warm weather and we all want to take advantage of every last minute of it.  This often means long days that melt into nights, extra social activities, yard work, blueberry picking, and all that on top of our usual work and family responsibilities.

It’s no wonder we are exhausted! The Japanese have a word for summer fatigue - NATSUBATE which describes the lethargy that may result from too much sun exposer, not enough sleep, and the bodies difficulty in adjust to the fluctuations in temperature as we go in and out of air conditioning.  Summer fatigue is a real thing.

How can we let the fatigue of July give way to the beautiful light of August?! With the impending back to school and fall weather, I am often called this of year to reconnect to presence.  

Try this exercise which I call the YOGA PAUSE BUTTON.

1.) Stand outside. Feel your feet on the ground and the air on your skin.

2.) Listen to the sounds around you.  What do you hear? In front of you and behind you. Listen to the 3 dimensional sound landscape.

3.) Identify the furthest sound away from you that you can hear and then the closest.

4.) Take 3 deep breaths.

5.) REPEAT as needed!

Listening to the sounds of nature is very healing.  On a daily basis we process vast amounts of sensory input, which can lead to SENSORY OVERLOAD.  Tuning into one sense at time, in this case our hearing, gives our nervous system a chance to “catch up”. In combination with our breath we send a signal to our nervous system that we can rest in this moment. Push your YOGA PAUSE BUTTON whenever you feel tired or overwhelmed to bring your body towards a more healing parasympathetic state.

The Hand to Heart Connection...a piece of my story

 Image Description: A cupped hand is filled with white and purple violets. 

Image Description: A cupped hand is filled with white and purple violets. 

Last summer I struggled with a case of Lyme disease that went undiagnosed for over 5 months.  Although I’m back to normal, like many people who get very sick, I was forced to reflect deeply on what I wanted to do with my very limited energy.  Some mornings my practice consisted of me lying on blankets and breathing. At times I barely had enough strength to move my props.  I simply could not do all that I was used to doing, so I looked with-in for answers.

It was at that time that I chose to focus my teachings on Restorative Therapeutic Yoga. Every since I was a little girl I’ve always wanted to be helpful and contribute to creating a world that was just and beautiful and that “felt right”. 

Nineteen years ago, when I stepped into my first yoga class, I did not know how my path would unfold.But through a deepening of my practice, I began to connect more and more with my own heart’s path.
There is an energetic connection between our hands and hearts. It is through our hands that we bring in to being the desire of our…

In my desire to help those who would benefit from individual attention, I opened my own private practice.
I deepened my study of restorative yoga and delved into the studying the chakra system and energy work.
And still this quest to serve populations outside of the yoga studio has grown. Recently I began working with people undergoing treatment for cancer and took a training in Trauma Informed Yoga.
If you’re reading this, like me you probably believe in yoga’s powerful ability to help people heal. I know that my yoga practice was crucial in my own recovery from Lyme.  And the science is backing us up more and more every day!

On the Wings of Snow Geese

Snow Geese.jpg

Have you seen any flocks of snow geese this year!? When these feathers washed ashore it felt like a moment of inter-species connection between me and these strong and elegant creatures.

Always inspired by migratory birds, I too find it crucial to seek out nourishment and inspiration through travel. To deepen my restorative yoga and embodiment practice, I've recently migrated to take a few trainings. I am excited to share this work with you this spring!

  • SPRING RESTORATIVE SERIES - Deepen your relationship to ground and breath for relaxation and healing. 4 Tuesday evenings beginning 4/10 at The Hidden Door in Tburg. More info and registration here
  • MORNING CLASS - This spring (beginning 4/4) I will be focusing on the organs and how they can support us in the embodiment of our asana.  Gentle practice practice for building awareness and connection between the body-mind. Every Wednesday 8:05am at Lakshmi Living Arts. 
  • GENTLE ENERGY WORK - I've been training in the subtle body and am really enjoying the sweet heartfelt energy of Reiki. This gentle healing practice can be woven into any private session with me. 

Happy Vernal Equinox to you!