Yoga was traditionally taught one-to-one...

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, experiencing chronic pain, or want to expand your self care toolkit...Customized individualized sessions will help you make profound changes in your life and turn life's challenges into opportunities for personal growth and expansion.

Maybe you've found that talk therapy has it's limitations or you are frustrated with the medical system? Or do you want to learn yoga, but find the yoga studio environment overstimulating?

 Individual sessions allow me to customize your yoga experience so that you can ease into complete relaxation. This is where the healing happens. We can focus on asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breath work), meditation, mantra, and/or contemplation. Aromatherapy (with Doterra Essential Oils), yoga Nidra, and subtle body energy work are also available...Visit my Shop. 

 Sessions take place at my office at the  Well-Being Healing Center  in downtown Ithaca. Gift certificates available. 

Sessions take place at my office at the Well-Being Healing Center in downtown Ithaca. Gift certificates available. 

Therapeutic yoga creates the conditions for your body's systems to harmonize and heal. Yoga is a Complimentary Adjunct Therapy for the following:

  • Holistic Wellness - Mobility, Alignment, Strength, Stress Reduction, Pre/Post Natal
  • Mental Wellness - Anxiety, Depression, Recovery, PTSD 
  • Physical Wellness - Chronic Pain or Illness, Heart Disease, Cancer, Lyme Disease